You’re in good company.

Our platform operates across a wide range of strategic partners. These stakeholders play an important role in supporting many of the programs and services that make the Liftians robotic platform valuable to our customers.

Together we focus on accelerating development and sustainable growth of new robotic technologies through focused strategic business development, investment and innovation management programs.

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New Customers

Interested in deploying Liftian robot technology in your fulfillment center? Let’s start with a no-hassle conversation and free assessment.

The first step in the process is to learn about your current space, plans and operational overhead summary. With that information, we’ll be able to provide a detailed return on investment quote.

Techonology partners

Our technology stack continues to grow and be enriched by world-class leaders and we are always pushing the boundaries to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

We’d like to hear more about your platform and how we can work together with clients to improve robotic system processes.

Referral Partners

Our Referral Program provides our partners and customers with a simple, easy and profitable way to refer new business opportunities. Whether you are an affiliate, real estate professional or consultant, we want to help you earn commissions by leveraging the Liftian brand in the global marketplace to uncover new opportunities and easily refer our solutions to your customers and prospects.