About Us


It all started when we realized we are now living in a world of infinite leverage.

We are a diverse group with strong backgrounds in Algorithms, System Integration, Data Science, Open source AI systems, and Advanced Robotics. Combined, we have worked at Silicon Valley giants, designing their most critical revenue information systems, such as Recommendation Engines, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Customer Relationship Management, and Business Intelligence.

Our focus

Customer expectations are changing as new sales outlets are being used. With the application of social media, omni-channel and e-commerce customers now have more price options, selections, delivery methods and shopping experiences. The ability of a business to keep the customer satisfied greatly depends on fulfillment capabilities. Robotic automation can extend the capacity, hours of operation, and life of a DC/FC. Robots are more affordable than ever and increasing wages and lack of available workers makes the economics more attractive and justifiable than in the past.

The future of the warehouse is happening now with robotics.