Turn your warehouse into a


Autonomous ROBOT technology that Lifts your infrastructure


Hi, I’m a Liftian

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Faster, Stronger, Smaller

We help global distribution centers and e-commerce fulfillment services to become more efficient in operations, cope with labor shortages, and lower operational costs.

Liftians can lift up to 1,000 kilograms, learn patterns to increase output, and recharge themselves at night.

The warehouse of the future is here.


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) allow human operators to focus on higher value tasks by relieving the burden of material movement.


Increase revenue

Increase inventory capacity by 50%. Offer larger sku assortments while retaining and attracting more customers.


labor shift

Overcome labor shortages. One robot replaces 1.5 workers. Lower workers insurance as well as on the job accidents.


highly accurate

Increase order accuracy and ship with greater speed. Liftian systems optimize operations across all your facilities.


AI = better BI

Leverage artificial intelligence for more insightful and actionable business intelligence decisions.

Ready for Integration


WMS/ERP/SCS + MHS Integration

We integrate with your existing warehouse systems to optimize your space and reduce workloads with our robotics system.


E-commerce + Warehouse Integration

We connect your website to your warehouse, directing all traffic into data--data we use to constantly improve your system.   


END-TO-END Inventory Management SYSTEM

We track the throughput of your warehouse and maintain the integrity and quality of your inventory. 

Speed, Scale, Reliability


Transitioning to a robotic warehouse solution isn’t time and resource intensive.

Our system engineers get clients fully operational within 1-3 months. If clients are new to a warehouse space, we can work in tandem with build-out and cut implementation time even more.

Positive Return on investment is achieved within months.

Success Metrics


Increase in Automation

When Liftians systems are deployed, a significant increase in automation and productivity is achieved. Clients see on average a 85% increase in business processes.



More efficient over manual

Our system and robots are three times more efficient than traditional human manual picking with 99.99% pick accuracy.



less expensive

Liftians cost on average 50% less than other warehouse robotic systems. Base rates start at $13k versus comparable systems priced at $35k.


A Competitive Edge

As the global economy transitions to an increasingly autonomous posture, robots are transforming traditional operations in logistics. Our goal is to empower humans with safer and more efficient tools to ship with greater speed and accuracy.


Why deploy robots now?

The number of robotic warehouses is expected to grow more than 1200% by 2025. Driven by the need for flexible and efficient ecommerce fulfillment, more than 50,000 warehouses worldwide will include commercial robotics by 2025, up more than 12-fold from the 4,000 in existence in 2018, according to ABI Research, a market research firm. In the United States alone, the number of robot-powered warehouses will increase to 23,000 by 2025, up from 2,500 today in 2018.



For many businesses workers compensation insurance is a necessary expense. Actual injuries sustained on the job can cost a business even more. One way robots are assisting humans and businesses is taking on risks. When robots perform operations that have a track record for injury, the human element is no longer at risk. All associated costs are negated as well.


The smoother and quicker the journey between the customer clicking the online buy button and the delivery driver arriving at their door with the goods, the faster the retailer’s profits will roll in. One way to speed up the picking and packing process is to reduce the number of miles walked by staff as they look for items on shelves in the warehouse.


It can be difficult to hire and retain warehouse workers because most fulfillment centers are outside major urban areas. Another complication can be the need to hire temporary staff for peak periods, such as the holiday shopping season, which is risky in a tight labor market.


To maintain a competitive advantage, the best companies have made automation a goal for ongoing DC/FC improvement to meet overall business objectives. Designing an effective profit producing supply chain is an ongoing process that needs to change with the times; businesses today should consider the benefits robots provide to the supply chain operation.


Success Stories

MAY 2019

After our initial rollout with Liftians, pick capacity improved to between 500 and 800 orders per shift per worker... about 400% Furthermore, it allowed us to create aisle ways dynamically which increased our storage density 15%. Given that storage capacity translates to revenue at a 1.7x multiple, that feature alone improved revenue by 25%.

Jonathan Friedman, PhD Founder, CEO
Assembly, Inc.